Leveraging 4IR for VET in South Africa

Dialogue Platform Events

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already happening, it is about sharing ideas, space and data and so much more... 

In preparation for the upcoming Un-conference, SD4GE II hosted a one day dialogue platform with local partners on the 22 August 2019 as an “Idea generation hub” to test some of our innovative un-conferencing methodologies and gain feedback on how these could be integrated into the bigger event in October. On the day, partners were exposed live to 4IR and digital technologies, rather than only just hearing about them. 

African innovators spoke about the ways we can use technology to positively change the course not only of one’s own life, but tackle some of the critical challenges South Africa is facing: Kusini Water tackles the water crisis.

After all it is not all doom and gloom, but the future ahead is an exciting one – if approached in the right way. 

Here are some of the key takeaway questions from our Idea generation Hub Event to get you excited for October:

  • Why are we not hearing much more about this? It has so much potential?
  • How do we democratise skills development? 
  • Are the people in the room ready & able to be disruptive? 
  • How do we manage adaptability & structure at the same time? 

View a small titbit of our idea generation hub here:  Video to be posted shortly.

4IR is not a thing far away in the future. It is here and happening... Let’s explore it together.

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