Leveraging 4IR for VET in South Africa

Teaching apprentices’ courses on 4IR:

Digging deeper sessions
  1. Host(s) Ekurhuleni East College (EEC) Electrician apprentices: Katherin Ntsima and Joyce Motlabane
  2. Participants: 5 including participation by FESTO and Tshimolongo Makerspace representatives
  3. Challenges highlighted:
    • Lecturers are not exposed to workplaces and thus they are not aware of the latest developments
    • Lack of access to technology
    • Limited focus on basic essential, life skills (soft skills)
    • Poor awareness of what is “out there” in the world of work, where opportunities lie
  4. Potential Solutions:
    • Have the STEM Summer school and target participation by both apprentices and lecturers
    • FESTO could provide annual exposure visits for a targeted number of lecturers – exposure to existing and emerging industry demands
    • A Training of Trainers on new teaching and learning methodologies
    • That TVET Colleges partner with Innovation Hubs, Incubators, Makerspaces, etc to keep updated on the latest developments and in so doing expose apprentices to these
  5. Possible next Steps:
    • GIZ – include lecturers in 2020 STEM Summer school
    • FESTO – Launch an exposure visit program, targeting lecturers
    • TVET Colleges – Have dialogues and planning sessions on how best to improve apprentice exposure to new technologies
    • SAPO – Introduce 4IR exposure / understanding in its programmes
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